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      Jiangsu World Chemical Co., Ltd. is now one of the biggest textile Reactive Dyes manufacture in China. We have our own production base in Jiangsu Province, Hubei Province, Shandong Province and Inner Mongolia of China. Our company is the national high-tech enterprise and rated among the 1000 fastest growing enterprises in Chinese manufacturing industry. Now we also produce fluorescent dyestuffs that are very high light/colour fastness. All our products are 100 ECO/GOTS/REACH Standard.

      The main products of our group are Reactive Dyes, Vat Dyes and Auxiliaries etc.. The Reactive Dyes is our strongest item. Our company produces a large quantity of Reactive Dyes, Vat dyes and Auxiliaries, and all of our production lines are separate. After meeting our domestic market requirements, now we supply our products to many countries in the world with very respective way.

      The history of World Chemical Company is tracing back to 1975. From 1993, we started to produce Reactive Dyes. With the help of scientific research academies and all social sectors, Jiangsu World Chemical Co., Ltd. develops into large production enterprise supplying complete product series including pad dyeing, exhaust dyeing, cold pad-batch dyeing and printing. Our mature R&D Team, Quality Control Team, Oversea Service Team are leading by technicians who have more than 20 years experience.

      In response to the carbon emission reducing and energy saving request, Jiangsu World Chemical Co., Ltd. will keep devoting itself to develop the environmentally friendly high-tech dyestuffs, also researches and develops the auxiliaries. Our representative Reactive Dyestuffs like Black TR/LR and Black TG/TGN reduce dyed time for less than 6 hours. And both of Black picked up sense is very high. Also our another all products, we always 100% maintain International Standard including all kinds of fastness and excellent leveling properties. In this way, we could offer the one-step service to customers and obtain greater success on the international market.

      ◆In 1975, Jiangsu World Chemical group was developed.
      ◆In 1993, Jiangsu World Chemical Company started to produce Reactive Dyestuff.
      ◆In 1999, invested manufacturing branch in Shandong Province, enlarging producing capability of Reactive Dyes.
      ◆In 2008, established Hong Kong World Chemical Company.
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